It is late afternoon, the first moon in leaf-bare
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 StarClan hunting grouds

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StarClan hunting grouds Empty
PostSubject: StarClan hunting grouds   StarClan hunting grouds Icon_minitime1Tue Feb 10, 2015 4:21 pm

This is where StarClan hunts. They catch all the prey you normally find in the forest, similar to TwilightClan. There is no ground so the prey just seem to be floating. The StarClan warriors catch frogs, toads, eagles, hawks, falcons, finches, thrushes, sparrows, crows, pigeons, doves, starlings, magpies, pheasants, wrens, moorhens, blackbirds, chickens, robins, wagtails, lapwings, eggs, fish, bats, shrews, water shrews, rabbits, hares, snakes, adders, lizards, squirrels, voles, water voles, mice, wood mice, rats and beetles. (WOW THAT'S A CRAP TON OF THINGS THEY CATCH XD)
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StarClan hunting grouds
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