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 Kittypet Auditions

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PostSubject: Kittypet Auditions   Sun Nov 16, 2014 7:19 am

Here you make a kittypet of your own. This is the order and what you place in an audition:
Name: (your choice)
Clan: None
Age/Gender: (again your choice)
Appearance: (include a picture and details such as scars or blotches or whatever)
Personality: (At least one sentence)
Skills: (Kittypets don't really have a lot of skills but put their "best" skills anyway)
Family: (Mate, kits, sisters/brothers, parents, ect)
Rank: (for a kittypet it's just... kittypet xD)
History: (put their past life and stuff)
Name: Diamond
Clan: None
Age/Gender: 15 moon old she-cat
Personality: She likes to sleep and adores love.
Skills: Climbing Like a Star @ heaven Hunting Like a Star @ heaven Fighting Like a Star @ heaven Memory Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Herb Memory *nothing* Swimming Like a Star @ heaven
Family: Sisters Jay and Ash and mother Swindle and father Hutch.
Rank: Kittypet
History: She was born in a den out of any territory and such. One day she was found exploring with her sisters and twolegs took her and her sisters away. Their parents joined them, sadly at first. But their parents soon grew happier. Then their father died while protecting their "territory". They grieved at first but soon forgot about it. Then Swindle died and Diamond, Jay and Ash grieved for ages!!! They soon got over it. Now Diamond lives alone and Jay and Ash have moved house. Diamond misses her siblings but knows she can see them everyday if she leaves her "territory".
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Kittypet Auditions
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