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 Don't Leave Me (a fanfiction of real life)

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Don't Leave Me (a fanfiction of real life) Empty
PostSubject: Don't Leave Me (a fanfiction of real life)   Don't Leave Me (a fanfiction of real life) Icon_minitime1Tue Mar 22, 2016 5:32 pm

"Take your stuff and get out." Lauren spat.

Kira stood there, stubborn as always.

Lauren ran upstairs to grab Kira's things, then came back down and threw them at her, knocking her out the door. "And stay away!"

Kira turned and fled, dodging around alleyways. Somehow Kira knew she would have been kicked out, and she had packed her jar of Nuttella and her wallet into her computer bag. Also her phone was in her pocket, so that was a plus.

All Kira knew was that now she was homeless.
(Short I know but I'm hungry and distracted and soon I'll start writing about pancakes if I'm not careful XD ~Silverwing)

Chapter 1
Kira jolted awake, terrified. Her heart was thumping.

Lauren poked her head around the door. "Wake up sleepy pants or I'll eat your Nuttella too."

Kira leaped out of bed and ran through the door, ducking under Lauren. "I have smallness advantage!" She hollered.

Lauren turned around and chased Kira, laughing.

They reached the kitchen at the same time, and Kira set about making herself some pancakes with Nuttella on top. (I warned you XD ~Silverwing)

When done, Kira scooped Nuttella out and splatted it onto the pancakes. She took the plate over to the table and sat in her Kitty Cat spot. Purple cats dotted the seat on Kira's chair, and Lauren's chair had blue cats.

"So. Work today."

Kira's heart sank. "Oh yeah. Work. I wanted to chill out and make YouTube videos."

Lauren nodded. "Same. Gah. My pancakes are still hot."

Kira laughed. "We still need to get work uniforms for our shop."

"Yeah." Lauren's gaze wandered around the room, looking at the two pictures of Kira's and Lauren's families. (I will change the names to protect them ~Silverwing).

"Grace looks stupid in the photo." Kira snorted.

"Amelia does as well. And look at Jake, the ten-year-old autistic boy."

Kira snarled. "Watch it. That's my brother."

"I'm just thinking how cute he looked at four." Lauren raised her hands defensively.

Kira felt her cheeks heating up and she quickly glanced at the second portrait of her family. This one was her dad's side.

"Kira. Turn to me." Lauren spoke softly.

Kira felt her cheeks burn and she knew she was blushing.


Kira whipped her head around, and Lauren burst out laughing. "You're as red as a tomato!"

Kira snorted.

"You have a crush on me, don't you?"

The question caught Kira off-guard. "Yeeeeeeah, sort of." She blushed more.

Lauren's face did wiggles and squirms.

Kira smothered a laugh and shoved a forkful of pancake in her mouth. She grinned, then farted.

"Ewwwww!" Lauren squealed.

Kira snorted with laughter and swallowed her mouthful. "Pardon me I guess."

Lauren giggled so hard her face went red. Then she gasped. "Work!"

While Kira shovelled the rest of her pancakes in her mouth, Lauren dashed upstairs to get changed.

Kira jumped up and took her plate into the kitchen, then hastily scrubbed it. She almost threw it into the dishwasher, then ran upstairs. She jumped out of her pyjamas and quickly grabbed a fresh pair of knickers. She yanked them on, then grabbed some black leggings and dragged them on, too. She yanked a red-and-black checkered shirt out of the drawer and pulled that on over her bra, then quickly grabbed a black miniskirt and pulled that on over the leggings. She grabbed a bag which contained her phone and some money then ran out of her room.

Lauren wore blue knee-high boots and her name tag, showing Lauren in fancy curly writing. She had brushed her hair and tied it in a bun, and she had similar clothes, except instead of black leggings and miniskirt she had white.

Kira grinned and ran down the stairs two at a time with her. Today was going to be a good day.

Chapter Two

Kira and Lauren arrived at work just as the clock ticked to 10:00.

"Phew." Kira wiped imaginary sweat from her forehead, and Lauren giggled. Kira went over to the door and turned over the sign.

"And... We're open!" Kira yelled to the back of the store. Lauren snorted with laughter.

Kira ran to organise some books, while Lauren pretended to read Wings of Fire Book Six, Moon Rising.

The bell jingled and Lauren looked up. "Hello! I am Lauren, and the woman over there is Kira! Welcome to Kauren's Books!"

Kira suppressed a giggle at being called a 'woman'. She grabbed the third book of Wings of Fire from it's place beside the seventh and put it back between the second, 'The Lost Heir' and the fourth, 'The Darkest Secret'.

"Do you have any Warrior Cats books?" The girl asked quietly.

Kira turned and for a second thought she recognised the girl. Short dark brown hair swept into a little ponytail, biting her pale red lips, red-and-green-and-gold checkered shirt and long, silky black dress. It was slightly see-through, and Kira could see purple leggings underneath.

A name struck Kira's mind. "Alia?"

The girl turned. "Kira?!" Her face lit up with joy.

Kira remembered the news. "B-but the plane crashed on the way back! Where have you been for the last tenish years?"

Alia blushed furiously. "I was in hiding. Someone was stalking me in Spain. I... I was the only one who survived the plane crash."

Kira felt tears well in her eyes. "I thought you had died." She whispered. (I would ball my eyes out if Alia died. She was in France but now she's in Spain and this is like tenish years into the future XD)

Lauren looked uncomfortable. Then she jerked her head up as the bell jangled again. "Hello!"

Kira felt her hands tense. She recognised this idiot from her primary school.

He smirked at Kira. "Hello beautiful."

Kira's knuckles went white. "Julian!" She spat.

Julian's eyebrows raised, and Lauren's face went bright red. "That's not very nice." He sneered.

Kira wanted to punch him so bad. She reached over to hug Alia. "Remember this bastard, Alia?"

She nodded. "Yeah."


Kira narrowed her eyes at Julian. "Dickbag."

Julian's eyes widened. "Bitch."

Alia clutched a hand to her heart and whispered in Kira's ear. "He was the stalker! He put the bomb on the plane, wanting me to die!"

Kira's face drained of all colour. "FUCKING BASTARD!" She screamed at Julian.

Julian realised he'd gone too far with the trying to kill Alia thing. "Uh-oh..."

"UH OH IS RIGHT, JERKPIE!!!!!!!" Kira shouted. She moved around Alia and stomped toward him. "I. Hate. You." And she punched Julian in the jaw. "I WANTED TO DO THAT AT BIS!!" She screamed.

Julian staggered backward, then pushed his way out of the door.

"Kira!" Lauren shouted. "You're gonna get us closed down and we only just opened!"

Alia glanced sheepishly at Lauren. "I wanted the boxed-set of the sixth series of warrior cats."

Kira nodded then grumpily stormed over to that part of the bookstore. She grabbed the boxed set and slammed it on the counter. "I hate Julian so much!" She said, tears breaking from her eyes. She scanned the box. "Ten dollars and twenty-five cents."

Alia handed over the money and a note. "Bye! Thanks for the books!" And she left.

Lauren glared at Kira and went up to the door. She turned the sign over to 'Closed'. "We need to talk."

Kira's heart pounded. "We need to work." She rasped.

"No!" Lauren punched the wall, then reeled back. "Ah ah ah ah ah owwwww."

Kira ran into the back room and grabbed a first aid kit. "You broke your hand, knuckle-brain." Kira murmured, wrapping the bandage around Lauren's hand. "That was your writing hand, too!"

Lauren shrugged, which made Kira giggle.


After work, at around 1 PM, Kira and Lauren went home. Kira had to drive because of Lauren's hand.

When they got home, Lauren was still slightly fuming from the Julian-hate incident.

"Get out."

"What?" Kira was dumbfounded,

"I said, get out." Lauren snarled at her.

Kira crossed her arms over her chest. "No."

Then panic flashed across Kira's gaze. My dream! Oh crapnuggets.

Lauren made an 'auauauauh' sort of noise and ran upstairs to gather Kira's things. Then she thrust them at Kira and shoved her out the door. "I said GET OUT!" She shouted, slamming the door behind her.

Kira turned and fled, remembering her dream. She headed back toward the bookstore. There's an alleyway beside it, She'll live there for now.

She felt tears spring into her eyes. At least the bookstore had internet!

Chapter Three

I warned you.

Kira threw her stuff down on the ground and flopped down on her bag. She dragged her MacBook Mini out from her back and opened it, leaning the bag against the alleyway wall. She typed in her username of KKIMAWESOME, then put in her password, which was 'incorrect'. That way, whenever she forgot it, it would tell her 'oh your password is incorrect' and she'd be like 'DING DING DING DING'.

She opened up Google Chrome, plugged her headphones in, and opened a page of YouTube. She looked at her latest video title, 'CRASHING FOR DAYS/Turbo Dismount #8' and sighed. She glanced behind her, because there was a window right above her head. She knew she would be seen by either Lauren or a customer on the inside. Then a thought struck her, and she opened Gmail. She clicked into Alia's contact, then subjected it 'Read Please'. Her email:

'Hi Alia.
Lauren kicked me out of the house. Meet me in the alleyway beside Kauren's Books! please.

Your good friend,

Then she sent it and waited for a reply.

While she waited she opened Skype and looked at her contacts. Lauren was there. Anger fumed through her, and she wanted to smash Lauren to pieces. She closed Skype, too angry to chat. She looked at Gmail, still no response. She looked through her YouTube notifications and saw JackSepticEye had posted a video titled 'Look Guys...'.

Too curious for her own good, Kira clicked into the video.

"Hey guys." JackSepticEye's voice said. "Sorry for the lame intro. I've been feeling really down lately. I found out that I had cancer."

A lump formed in Kira's throat.

"I'm going to die in a few days. This is the last video on the channel." JackSepticEye was crying! His face was red, and tears were streaming down his face. He sobbed, then the video cut to a different part.

"I've been crying for fifteen minutes." He joked sadly. "Anyway, I am going to hand over my account to ThisLadyIsAGamer."

Wait. What??????

"I know she'll like it. She can be the girl version of JackSepticEye!" He joked. "KiraSepticEye. That sounds weird."

I nod sadly, then check the date of the video's postage. Fear forms in my chest. A week  ago.

I finish the video then check the most suggested ones. There was...

Oh no.

Markiplier had made a video titled 'Goodbye Jack'. I clicked into it, fearful of what might happen in it.

"Hello guys, my name is Markiplier, and today we have to say farewell to Jack. He will die in a few hours, the doctors said." Markimoo said. His face was going red from the effort of holding his tears in. "Pewdiepie, Cutiepiemarzia, Bob, Ken and Wade are here with me."

The camera turned, and a very pale JackSepticEye waved weakly at the camera. "Hi guys, for the last time." His voice was really croaky. "It's the 11/06/2027. Any later than this date you watch this, I'll be dead. I have lived to age 37. Wow."

Kira's eyes were leaking heavily. It was the 20/06/2027.

"Goodbye now, my followers. I hope ThisLadyIsAGamer is good to you!" He chuckled sadly.

Pewdiepie and Marzia were crying in the background, and you could hear Mark's sobs. Then the camera ran up to JackSepticEye, and Kira saw that Jack was crying as well. But his cries were silent.

"Goodbye, my good followers. Thank you for getting me to 10,000,000 followers. I don't deserve it." Jack mumbled.

Kira gasped, tears streaming down her face.

She could imagine 10,000,000 people screaming about his death. Another 5,000,000 'happy' but on he inside sad, and the rest of the world not even giving a shit.

"I hate how shitty life can be. If you are having a shit day, watch my older videos dating 2013-2020, they're the best." Jack said. "I really want to punch life in the fucking face. I hate life so fucking much. Why bring us into it if we're going to die anyway?"

Kira felt like screaming but she stayed silently sobbing away.

"So goodbye my faithful followers and friends." JackSepticEye said. Then he laid back in bed and struggled to keep his eyes open. "I love you all platonically. Thank you." Then his grey face stopped talking, his chest stopped moving forever.

Mark broke down. He was crying so bad that someone else had to end the video. Kira was sobbing so hard that she could hardly see.

She went down to the comments section. There. Were. None.

Kira pressed into the place to write a comment, then she started typing.

'Dear Mark, Bob, Ken, Wade, Pewdiepie and Cutiepiemarzia.
Thank you for making this video. We need to know this shit.
I am really sorry for yours and our loss. And I am so fucking annoyed at the lack of comments. I expected there to be everyone writing comments like this, but nope.
I am shocked to shock that JackSepticEye chose me to continue running his account. I don't care if I loose countless followers, going back to 1,000. Just one person staying with me would make my day everyday.
I am feeling quite bad at the moment, my best friend just kicked me out of our house, so I don't know about making videos because right now I'm living right outside our work, Kauren's Books!.
Thank you again for making the video. Best wishes,

Chapter Four

From now on I might let a "shit" or "fuck" or "asshole" slip into the story.

Kira shut her laptop and took her headphones off. She lay down on her bag, then realised she had a blanket in there. She pulled it out and draped it over herself. She was luckier than most homeless people.

She looked around for any spare pieces of cardboard and found one big enough to write her message on it. She searched for some crayons and found a very old one. She wrote her message.

'Best friend kicked me out of house for fighting my number one enemy. Please help.'

She shuffled her stuff forward a bit, so she could be seen, and took her really cool black-and-white checkered hat from the bag so people could put money in it. She wasn't too dirty yet, and she was sure she had no disease. But her face and her eyes had been puffy from crying. Her face was red, and tears had dried on her face.

She watched the people passing, waiting. Alarm leapt into her throat when she saw Julian. No no no no no no no no no no no no no go away no!

Julian read the sign. "You're free for me now, huh?" He grinned deviously.

"No." Kira made a hissing noise.

Julian took her back into the shadows, and Kira was too weak from hunger to fight properly. Julian backed Kira against the wall and kissed her aggressively. "I've waited for this for so long, fuck-head." He murmured in my ear.

Kira was disgusted, and she tried to kick at him. But it was weak and poorly-aimed.

Julian pinned Kira's hips to the wall and kissed harder, tongue slipping inside. Kira pushed her tongue to the roof of her mouth and refused to dance tongues. Julian gave up on the tongue dance and then dragged Kira across the ground to behind a high stack of boxes that Kira had not seen before.

Julian pressed Kira down onto the ground.

Kira watched Julian dress then walk away. Kira yanked on her clothes with little care, buttoned her shirt to hide her slipping bra and ran out from behind the box. She knew a police station nearby. She grabbed her stuff, slipped her computer in her bag, rolled up her blanket and shoved that inside, then realised her phone was in there as well! Happiness surged through her.

I could try to call Lauren.... You know what? No.

Kira turned her phone off from the latest messages, then put the bag on and ran down the road toward the police station. Tears flew along her face.

Chapter Five

Kira kept running down the road, heart thumping. She still felt sick after her encounter with Julian. She stopped just outside of the police station and went in.

"Hello. You look like you've just seen a ghost!"

Kira tried to pat her hair down and failed. "I was just raped."

The policewoman stared at her for a second, then leaped to her feet. "First name and surname, if you know him or her."

"Julian Rigby."

The policewoman sat back down behind her desk and typed furiously on her computer. She nodded. "Aah. The Bad Theif. He's stolen paintings from museums and precious artifacts, and reports say that he's stolen from supermarkets and Coles before."

Kira clenched her fists.

The policewoman had bright ginger hair that fell to just below her shoulders. It was tied up in a ponytail, and she had freckles dancing across her face. Her bright blue eyes bored into Kira's own blue ones.

"I hate this man, Julian Rigby. At school he chased me around the school, shouting 'you want me, you so want me'." (true).

The policewoman nodded. "Your name?"

"Kira ********." (surname blurred out for security lol. ~Silverwing)

She nodded and entered the name into the thing. "Thank you for coming to us straight away, some people choose not to. First time?"

Kira nodded. "I am homeless, my best friend kicked me out of our house. I was in an alleyway, and he dragged me behind a huge stack of boxes. Then the ordeal happened."

The policewoman nodded. "My name is Jamaica, just saying."

Kira was shaking, still afraid.

The bell rang to say someone else entered.


Kira whipped around to see Lauren.

Fury washed through her. "This is all your fault, Lauren! If you hadn't kicked me out of the house, Julian would have n-never..." She collapsed, and Lauren ran over to her.

"Kira!" Lauren shouted, but Kira's world was fading.

"H-he rap-ped me." Kira whispered, blacking out.


Kira woke up to a bright ceiling. She squinted quickly. She detected the scent of sterilization liquid, and realized she was in the hospital.

"Your girlfriend came in to drop you off, then left soon after." The doctor explained.

Kira nodded. "Where is she?" Totally cool about him saying 'girlfriend' when she was obviously a girl.

"I don't know, I just said she left."

Fear crept into Kira's stomach. "Where is my bag?"

"Beside you."

Kira lurched toward it and dug inside it for her phone. She pulled it out just as it buzzed with a message from... Lauren!


I have decided to end my life. I hate myself for doing this to you. When you come home, do NOT go in my room. I repeat, do NOT.


Kira panicked. "My girlfriend is going to commit suicide! I HAVE TO GET HOME!"

The doctor jumped with fright. "You're fine, go go go go!"

Kira leaped out of bed, yanked her bag up and ran for the door. She burst out, signed out of the hospital and ran like the world depended on it. Kira's world depended on it.

She flew up the front stairs and burst into the house. "LAUREN!" She screamed.

There was a strangled cry.

"NO PLEASE!" Kira ran upstairs, threw her bag down and yanked Lauren's door open.

The sight before her chilled her to the bone, but she acted fast.

She grabbed a knife and sawed at the rope, cutting it fast. She got through it and Lauren was released from the ceiling. Her face was blue, and her lips dangerously purple.

"LAUREN DON'T DIE ON ME!" Kira screamed. She started to sob uncontrollably. "I just wanted t-to save you."

Lauren's face was slowly regaining colour, but she wasn't breathing normally.

Kira dialed triple zero.

"000, what's your emergency?"

"My g-girlfriend just tried to hang herself, I cut the rope but she's not breathing normally. It's fast and shallow." Kira stammered, grief wanting to choke her.


"1720 Lalangua St, Haspenburge." (I totally made that up lol)

"Coming right away." Then the phone lapsed into silence.

Kira turned her phone off and looked at Lauren's face. She cupped it with her hands, and gently kissed Lauren. She started to cry even more.

The sound of sirens alerted Kira, and she looked up to see hospital workers marching into the room with a stretcher. She stepped back as they hauled Lauren onto the stretcher, then marched out.

(This is from a website called Wattpad the link is here:
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Don't Leave Me (a fanfiction of real life)
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